Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series

About the Series

The Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series is a high profile virtual seminar series to be held over the 2020-21 academic year. Speakers will be a mix of junior and senior faculty members from US/Canada. Seminars will be presented “live” on Zoom webinars on Fridays at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. Presenters are encouraged to present unpublished results; as a result recordings or transcripts of talks will not be made available following the webinar. This series was organized across multiple institutions and anyone in the atmospheric chemistry community is welcome to attend the webinars. Please sign up to the email list if you are interested in receiving announcements. Note that webinar registration is unique for each speaker; emails with registration information are sent on Mondays. Though nothing can replace in-person interactions, in this unusual year we hope that this seminar series will provide a broad platform for individuals to share scientific results.

Fall 2020 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Host
Sept 11 Impacts of Global Climate Change Mitigation on Health, Crops and Labor in the US Drew Shindell (Duke University) Chris Cappa (UC Davis)
Sept 18 Risky reductionism: what simple model systems can—and can’t—tell us about the air quality and climate impacts of desert dust and biomass burning aerosol Sarah Styler (McMaster University) Julie Fry (Reed College)
Sept 25 The coupling of lightning, air quality and climate Lee Murray (University of Rochester) Jesse Kroll (MIT)
Oct 2 Applications of deterministic models, geospatial methods, and machine learning to address multi-scale air quality challenges Cesunica Ivey (UC Riverside) Colette Heald (MIT)
Oct 9 Aerosol impacts on biogeochemical cycles: new insights for ocean and land systems Natalie Mahowald (Cornell University) Jen Murphy (University of Toronto)
Oct 16 Exploring Contemporary Changes in Biosphere-Atmosphere-Chemistry Interactions Jeff Geddes (Boston University) Allison Steiner (University of Michigan)
Oct 23 Understanding the impacts of molecular structure on the fate of atmospheric organics Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz (Virginia Tech) Julie Fry (Reed College)
Oct 30 Microphysical and Chemical Processing of Saharan Dust Aerosols During Their Atmospheric Life Cycle Vernon Morris (Arizona State University) Allison Steiner (University of Michigan)
Nov 6 In search of ice nuclei over the Southern Ocean Sonia Kreidenweis (Colorado State University) Jen Murphy (University of Toronto)
Nov 13 Observing nitrogen dioxide air pollution inequality using high spatial resolution remote sensing measurements Sally Pusede (University of Virginia) Jesse Kroll (MIT)
Nov 20 Organic peroxy radical chemistry in the limit of NO -> zero Paul Wennberg (California Institute of Technology) Delphine Farmer (Colorado State University)
Dec 4 Effect of ammonia on the volatility and composition of secondary organic aerosols Ellie Browne (University of Colorado, Boulder) Delphine Farmer (Colorado State University)

Series Hosts

Associated Classes

Reed College: Chem 405, Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar, half-unit conference course; instructor: Julianne Fry

One-half course for one semester. In conjunction with a planned cross-institutional virtual speaker series, which will feature weekly seminars spanning the cutting-edge topics in atmospheric chemistry research, students in this course will meet weekly to discuss a paper from the primary literature related to the seminar. The course will deepen students’ understanding of the frontiers of atmospheric chemistry, while we learn to evaluate scholarship, pose questions, and participate in scientific discourse. Students will also have opportunities to meet and network with undergraduates and graduate students around the United States with interests in atmospheric chemistry. Prerequisite: Chemistry 101, 102, and 230, or consent of the instructor. Conference.

MIT: 1.S977, Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry, 3U; instructors: Colette Heald and Jesse Kroll

This special subject will be coupled to a multi-institutional virtual seminar series (Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series). This subject will expose graduate students to new research in the field, and provide opportunities to discuss the previous work of seminar presenters in a journal club format with student colleagues across multiple institutions. The intention of this class is to help compensate for lost research dissemination and networking opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Columbia University: GR9910 Seminar in Atmospheric Science - Composition and Chemistry, 1 or 2 credits; Instructor: Roisin Commane
CSU: CHEM 651A, Special Topics in Chemistry, 1 credit; instructor: Delphine Farmer
UC Davis: ECI 289A Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series, 1 credit; Instructor: Chris Cappa
University of Michigan: CLIMATE 501-003 Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series, 1 credit; instructor: Allison Steiner
Virginia Tech: Civil and Environmental Engineering 6114: Advanced Air Quality Engineering, 1 credit; Instructor: Linsey Marr
William & Mary: Chem 460, Atmospheric Chemistry, 1 credit; Instructor: Rachel O’Brien