Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series

About the Series

The Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series is a high profile virtual seminar series to be held over the 2020-21 academic year. Speakers will be a mix of junior and senior researchers from US/Canada. Seminars will be presented “live” on Zoom webinars on Fridays at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. Presenters are encouraged to present unpublished results; as a result recordings or transcripts of talks will not be made available following the webinar. This series was organized across multiple institutions and anyone in the atmospheric chemistry community is welcome to attend the webinars. Please sign up to the email list if you are interested in receiving announcements. Note that webinar registration is unique for each speaker; emails with registration information are sent on Mondays. Though nothing can replace in-person interactions, in this unusual year we hope that this seminar series will provide a broad platform for individuals to share scientific results.

Seminar Schedule

Spring 2021 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Host
Jan 29 Climate change, air pollution, and public health impacts: Past, present, and future Susan Anenberg (George Washington University) Colette Heald (MIT)
Feb 5 Organic reactions within aqueous atmospheric particulate matter Melissa Galloway (Lafayette College) Allison Steiner (University of Michigan)
Feb 12 It takes two to CCN! The role of gas-phase chemistry in the growth of atmospheric droplets Akua Asa-Awuku (University of Maryland) Chris Cappa (UC Davis)
Feb 19 Trends in wildfires and agricultural fires over different timescales: Implications for radiative forcing and air quality Loretta Mickley (Harvard University) Jen Murphy (University of Toronto)
Feb 26 Mapping urban emissions with neighborhood resolution Ron Cohen (UC Berkeley) Julie Fry (Reed College)
Mar 5 Global distribution of "forever" chemicals: Importance of atmospheric production and policy Cora Young (York University) Colette Heald (MIT)
Mar 12 Formation and evolution of organic aerosol: from laboratory fires to wildfire plumes Shantanu Jathar (Colorado State University) Jesse Kroll (MIT)
Mar 19 Multiphase Oxidation Chemistry: From East Asian Haze to Wildfires to Indoor Environments Jon Abbatt (University of Toronto) Delphine Farmer (Colorado State University)
Mar 26 The impact of dust, smoke, and chemical aging on aerosol biogeochemical cycles in tropical ecosystems Cassie Gaston (University of Miami) Chris Cappa (UC Davis)
Apr 2 Volatile organic compounds in western US wildfire smoke Lu Hu (University of Montana) Jen Murphy (University of Toronto)
Apr 9 Relevance of organic compounds in air for public health in the United States Havala Pye (EPA) Julie Fry (Reed College)
Apr 16 TBD Róisín Commane (Columbia University) Jesse Kroll (MIT)

Series Hosts


FACSS original music is composed and performed by Chris Cappa and Dave Michalak

Spring 2021: Winter Sunrise

Fall 2020: Autumn Fall's (coming soon)

Spring 2021 Classes

Reed College: Chem 405, Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar, half-unit conference course; instructor: Juliane Fry

One-half course for one semester. In conjunction with a planned cross-institutional virtual speaker series, which will feature weekly seminars spanning the cutting-edge topics in atmospheric chemistry research, students in this course will meet weekly to discuss a paper from the primary literature related to the seminar. The course will deepen students’ understanding of the frontiers of atmospheric chemistry, while we learn to evaluate scholarship, pose questions, and participate in scientific discourse.

University of Toronto: CHM1430 – Advanced Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry; Instructors: Jon Abbatt, Jen Murphy, Arthur Chan
University of Michigan: CLIMATE 501-003 Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series, 1 credit; instructor: Allison Steiner

Spring 2021 Readings

Date Speaker Paper
Jan 29 Susan Anenberg Global, national, and urban burdens of paediatric asthma incidence attributable to ambient NO₂ pollution: estimates from global datasets
Feb 5 Melissa Galloway Heterocyclic Product Formation in Aqueous Brown Carbon Systems
Feb 12 Akua Asa-Awuku Gas-phase kinetics modifies the CCN activity of a biogenic SOA
Feb 19 Loretta Mickley Improved estimates of preindustrial biomass burning reduce the magnitude of aerosol climate forcing in the Southern Hemisphere
Detection of delay in post-monsoon agricultural burning across Punjab, India: Potential drivers and consequences for air quality
Feb 26 Ron Cohen Observed Impacts of COVID‐19 on Urban CO2 Emissions
Mar 5 Cora Young Ice Core Record of Persistent Short‐Chain Fluorinated Alkyl Acids: Evidence of the Impact From Global Environmental Regulations
Mar 12 Shantanu Jathar Oxygenated Aromatic Compounds are Important Precursors of Secondary Organic Aerosol in Biomass-Burning Emissions
Mar 19 Jon Abbatt Fast oxidation of sulfur dioxide by hydrogen peroxide in deliquesced aerosol particles
Mar 26 Cassie Gaston African biomass burning is a substantial source of phosphorus deposition to the Amazon, Tropical Atlantic Ocean, and Southern Ocean
Apr 2 Lu Hu Emissions of trace organic gases from western U.S. wildfires based on WE- CAN aircraft measurements
Apr 9 Havala Pye Criteria pollutant impacts of volatile chemical products informed by near-field modelling
Apr 16 Róisín Commane TBD